Future Plans

The Lucas Lilley Foundation was initially formed for those people who had a desire to help Lucas. It created an avenue to contribute financial aid that would have a direct effect on Lucas’ survival. What they didn’t realize is that they were part of something so much bigger. Our first race raised $35,000 with over 300 donors, building a platform for the foundation. The Foundation is Lucas’s way of showing the world that from great tragedy comes great success. The Foundation has been formed exclusively for charitable purposes, more specifically to raise private donations and to create innovative partnerships between organizations, individuals and corporate neighbors in order to support families with children affected by life threatening illnesses in our community where needs surpass public resources. Through this journey, Lucas continues to meet families that have or are experiencing the same pain and tragedy. He meets friends who need resources to help pay for necessary surgeries and therapy that public resources simply cannot support. The Lucas Lilley Foundation’s goal is to build an endowment that will support grants for medical needs for children like Lucas who need help to reach their full potential. The Foundation is also announcing a long term goal to build a faith based center that will provide a place for children to receive therapy beyond public resources. It will also be a place where families, who are brought together through similar challenges, can gather for support, share in faith, and hope for a brighter future.

The Lucas Lilley Foundation will continue to add charitable events throughout the year to spread Lucas’s message and mission of the Foundation. Look for future announcements regarding these events.